Feb 2011

I'm currently working on a website for a seamstress in Calgary (coming soon:
while also doing some pro bono work for a horse rescue (
whom I did a business card design and am currently redesigning their 3-panel pamphlet.

Nov 2010

Just finished up a new website (  I created the logo, designed the web page, did all the photography, edited content, and did the business card. It was a lot of work, but we're both happy with how it turned out!


Since moving to Ontario, I have done several jobs for clients in Calgary, and continue to service my stable of Alberta clientele.

I have a few small design jobs in the hopper in the local area, including two websites.  I'm looking forward to getting my feet wet in the Ontario area.

I'm enjoying the slower, more relaxed atmosphere of where I live.  It provides a nice change from the often high-paced world of graphic arts in Calgary.


                                 About Sharon

Sharon McLeod has been photographing for over fifteen years, and for the last ten+ years, has worked in design studios as well as in corporate environments and has extensive experience in design, communications and marketing.

Sharon provides strategic graphic design and marketing materials for businesses, realtors, real estate marketers, developers and new businesses.

With over ten years experience in graphic design, photography and event management, including business to business, product packaging design, small business and real estate communication pieces, she can add invaluable experience to your project, or your overall corporate brand.

A few things to consider when looking for professional design services:

You want your website and/or printed material to captivate and leave an impression!
It's more than just words.
You want creative and affordable solutions!
You're not sure if you can afford to have a professionally designed website?  These days, you can't afford not  to - but Sharon will not break your budget.
Learn from those who know; Sharon will explain the "why" of what she is doing, as well as show you  how to do simple updates to your website, including what free programs to download... saving you money!
Your website will be organized in a logical fashion, increasing page views, and decreasing the number of people who leave in frustration.
Your message and your company's personality will stand out loud and clear, whether in print or online.
Sharon is a perfectionist and avid proof-reader.

Sharon McLeod delivers amazing results to her customers while taking their visual identity and market presence to the highest level. Dedicated to individual service with a history of excellence, she is an expert at working remotely with local and international clients.